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Artwork Requirements

All uploaded images for Singles or Gang Sheets must be:

  • 300 DPI is Highly Recommended*
  • PNG Format
  • Transparent
  • Not Mirrored/Reversed.
  • No Neon/Florescent/Highlighter colors.
  • Verify No Overlapping or Images off the Page

We are looking at your super massive gang sheet on small screen. We will not see the pixelation, haziness or low quality on a computer until we print. If you are stretching your image from a 2″ size to a 15″ size, it can pixelate as you are increasing size and it is losing pixels. We cannot verify 

 * The image you add to the gang sheet should be a high quality. If you use a DPI convertor, please verify your sizing. *MANY* Online converters will reduce the size of your image and we will have to cancel.

When creating a gang sheet in a third party website, like Canva, Procreate, Illustrator or Photoshop, please ensure you are saving it at the highest quality, size and pixel count to increase your DPI.

On Canva, all you have to do is slide the bar all the way over to the right before clicking transparent and saving.

We do not recommend that you use a converter program or convert after saving on your Mac. When you convert it after, the image is compressed for it to increase the DPI. It will make your gang sheet typically around 7″ wide instead of 30″ wide. Therefore when we enlarge it to make it 30″ wide again, it is pixelated. On a Mac, they increase the size of your image to increase the DPI however it still pixelates it because it is stretching your image.

We do recommend 300 DPI however it is better to have a 96DPI with clear crisp images than a converted 300DPI that may pixelate or make your images hazy.